Generic Levitra
Sold as Vilitra buy Centurion Laboratories
Active Ingredient: Vardenafil
Available dosage: 10mg, 20mg

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Generic Levitra ( Vilitra buy Centurion Laboratories)

Active Ingredient: Vardenafil

Packaging : 10 pills

How does Levitra work?

Levitra acts on the erectile tissue of the penis, relaxes it completely and dilates the vessels. The blood creates the inflow to the genitals and this brings the expected result. The effect lasts for 4-8 hours, and then the preparation is gently excreted from the body with stool.

Many patients claim that Levitra not only causes an erection, but also enlarges the penis by 1-2 cm. This happens because of a good blood filling of the organ.

Levitra does not affect sperm quality. Therefore, you should not be afraid of a possible conception, unless that is in your plans.

Generic Levitra

Is there a difference between Levitra Original and Generic ?

The company that produces the original drug is located in the United States and has all of its regalia. “Generiko”, which was carried out according to the recipe 1: 1, is a preparation that is in no way inferior to the original in quality, apart from the costs.

Indications for Levitra. What is this preparation?

Levitra is a state-of-the-art preparation that has been specially synthesized to treat erectile dysfunction. The main ingredient Vardenafil has highly effective properties, its effectiveness has been proven in many studies and in long-term clinical practice.

When does the effect come

When taken on an empty stomach, the maximum concentration is reached after 20 minutes, but the climax is often reached within 30 to 40 minutes.

Dosage of the preparation

According to the instructions, Levitra is not taken more than once a day; however, the concentration of the active ingredient is so small that it causes almost no side effects, even if taken twice, provided that you choose the minimum dosage. This amount is 5 mg.

Such a dosage is prescribed for:

  • older people
  • overly exhausted people
  • patients with cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure

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10mg, 20mg


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