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Erectafil ST – soft tablets for potency quick action
Erectafil ST 20 is a drug intended for the treatment of erectile disorders in men. Available from Combitic Global Caplet Pvt. Ltd. in the form of high-speed soft-tablets, which for dissolution should be put under the tongue or chew. In 1 blister 10 tablets.

The main active ingredient of the drug is Tadalafil – an inhibitor of PDE-5 type. Taking the medicine provides a strong and long-lasting erection, which significantly improves the quality of sex life in men with ED disorders.

Each soft tablet contains 20 mg of active ingredient – this is the standard dosage that is optimal for most men. You can take 1 tablet of Erectafil ST 20 per day. It is allowed to take the medicine again not earlier than after 24 hours.

The advantages of Erectafil ST 20 include:

quick action – in 15-20 minutes;
lasting effect – up to 48 hours;
convenient way of application and fruit taste;
good tolerance and digestibility.
Tablet Erectafil ST 20 take half an hour before sex. An erection appears no later than 20 minutes. Alcohol in reasonable quantities is not contraindicated. The drug is valid for 2 days, so the man will be able to hold several sexual acts – Tadalafil is included at any time with active sexual stimulation.

Since the drug has contraindications to use, it is recommended to use Erectafil ST 20 to strengthen the erection after consulting a specialist.

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